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IMPACT: Mary D. Watkins

Tuesday, May 18 @ 12-noon

We will be chatting and reacting live to Mary's presentation.
Join us on our YouTube Channel for the full experience. 

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Get to know Mary's Music

"Mamie's Lament" from "Emmett Till: The Opera"
Lucia Bradford
"The Party Line"
Ladies Quintessential Quintet

Composers Now presents IMPACT. Each installment in this series offers a composer the opportunity to reflect on one's creativity, influences, pathways, and responsibility as a living artist in our ever-changing world. Designed for the virtual space, every session shares a composer's essential thoughts directly with you, the audience, in the safety and comfort of your own place.
These commentaries, interwoven with performance videos and other materials, articulate a creator's IMPACT.

Composers Now empowers all living composers, celebrates the diversity of their voices and honors the significance of their artistic contributions to the cultural fabric of society.

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IMPACT: Nina C. Young

Tuesday, May 25

Nina C. Young

While You Wait!
Get to Know Nina's Music

The Glow that Illuminates, the Glare that Obscures

Excerpts of the Installation version