February 24, 2022

*POSTPONED* Composers Now: IMPACT with Joy Guidry

Joy Guidry's IMPACT will be rescheduled for April 2022. Check out their Radical Acceptance cd launch tour with stops at New England Conservatory (Feb 24), followed by Virginia Tech University where Joy is artist-in-residence. Next NYC CD launch show: Jazz Gallery (March 24).

Learn more about Joy on their website.

While You Wait!
Get to know Joy's Music Radical Acceptance (2022)

My Album Radical Acceptance is being released on Whited Sepulchre Records and will be available everywhere on February 4th, 2022.

Radical acceptance is a personal practice that has evolved in my life over the past year. This doesn't mean there aren't still tough times, but times of warmth and comfort are much more present these days. I will never be able to change my past, the things that hurt me, but I can live a peaceful and beautiful life of my own creation. The most important thing I've had to teach myself is that there is nothing wrong with my body or my brain. My body is fat, and I struggle with my mental health daily, and neither of those things makes me any

less of a human being. I know that my Black, Fat, Queer and Nonbinary body is valid in every way. Learning to love my whole self unconditionally will be a lifelong journey, but I am just so happy to be where I am today. This is my radical acceptance.