February 19, 2022

Charu Suri: A Raga Jazz & Songbook Evening

The Cutting Room
44 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10016
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The first Indian-born jazz composer to premiere work at Carnegie Hall, Charu has been playing the piano since the age of five and performing since the age of nine. She won an international piano competition at the age of 15.

Her recently-released "Book of Ragas vol. 2" is a completely original sound in jazz and continues her work done in the first volume. In this new album, which was highlighted by Jazz at Lincoln Center as an August new release, Suri uses her native Carnatic and Hindustani ragas (modal scales) as the basis for jazz piano improvisations, layered by Sufi singing. Her more classic album, "The New American Songbook" has garnered many awards, including a "Band Single of the Year" crystal trophy for her song, Bluesy, awarded by the International Singer-Songwriters Association (ISSA) in 2021.

She was also awarded a gold "Jazz Artist of the Month" record by ISSA. Suri was recommended to join the Recording Academy (GRAMMYs) in 2021.

The trio consists of Charu Suri on the piano, Justin Lee on the double bass, Jay O'Brien and Jesse Gerbasi on the drums, and the vocal talents of Sufi singer Umer Piracha (Falsa) and Songbook vocalist Danielle Erin Rhodes.

During the pandemic, she composed the "Book of Ragas vol. 2" that taps into the beauty of morning ragas, as well as several Songbook singles including "A Little Joy" and "Keep Dreaming."

She has started live gigs and completed tours recently in Miami, and is planning a big multi-city tour in India in 2022.