February 28, 2021


Live-Stream Event
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Drawn to the question of how we define and express our feelings of deep connection to each other and to the world, composer and pianist Dalit Warshaw explores the seven Classical Greek Loves through this seven-movement cycle of musical portraits. From friendship, to family devotion, to altruistic love, to Eros, we are taken on a journey through the spectrum of human emotion and experience, culminating in intimate and reflective self-love. Musical references abound, including Schumann's Papillons, Debussy's Jeux, and Strauss's Till Eulenspiegel. Different Loves is dedicated to the composer's husband, whose idée fixe, a musical representation of his name, is encrypted and explored through the musical lens of each portrait.

The movements are as follows:

1. "To Philia ('Behold, how good, how pleasant it is...')"
2. "Child's Avowal" (Storge)
3. "For the Love of Our Country!" (Pragma)
4. "Toward the Embrace of All" (Agape)
5. "Games" (Ludus)
6. "Resurrection" (Eros)
7. "Acceptance" (Philautia)

Performed and pre-recorded by Warshaw at the National Opera Center, this virtual premiere will be preceded by a conversation with Marc Peloquin, pianist, educator and director of the KeyedUp MusicProject, about the background and compositional process of the work.