February 27, 2020

SonicVoyageFest Presents StringFest II

Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002
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Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius feature Electric Violinist/Vocalist Joe (Bruce Springsteen, Renaissance, The Who, 50Cent), Jason Gianni-drums (The Ultimate Queen Celebration, TSO, Rock of Ages, Neil Morse Band), Michaelangelo Quirinale-guitar (Thrilldriver), Paul Ranieri-bass (Mark Wood, Circuline). Their latest single is called "Imposter." Stratospheerius was a John Lennon International Songwriting Competition winner.

Echo of the Ghost
Echo of the Ghost

ECHO OF THE GHOST is an electro-acoustic trio featuring Emiliano Melis, Claudia Chopek, Susan Aquila. Taking influences from synth pop, industrial and EDM, they've created a collection of electronic driven songs laced with melodic synth textures and hypnotic violin arrangements. Emiliano composes and produces music for international visual and sound installations in art galleries. Their current EP, "Dance Floor 54," celebrates the City's nightlife.

Susan Aquila is a soulful rock singer and violin virtuoso with creative power that keeps her working. "She is a hell of a talent," says rock star/Little Steven Underground radio host Genya Raven, after playing "Intervention" from her current album, MISS CONDUCT. Susan's soloed for U.S. Presidents Bush Sr & Jr, Clinton, is a member of Silvercup Studios (Astoria)' Orchestra that has played in two-dozen film soundtracks.