February 15, 2020

Girl of the Diamond Mountain - Album Launch

The Center at West Park
165 W 86th St, New York, NY 10024
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An evening of music and art.

"Girl of the Diamond Mountain" is a dramatic song cycle of light and hope by Lotte Arnsbjerg & Carman Moore concerning sexual abuse and celebrating the power of human transformation.

Starting when major Danish singer/actress Lotte Arnsbjerg was only 4-7 years old, she was sexually abused by someone close to the family. Not discovered - or neglected by the family,  the abuses went on, and created a sense of victimhood leading to destructive habits and a lot of suffering throughout childhood, teenage years and life in general.  

Years later as a grown woman Lotte Arnsbjerg shared her story with American composer Carman Moore and, guided by a powerful creative source, the 2 artists set off to create a dramatic song-cycle concerning self-recovery and re-uniting with the authentic self. The creation named "Girl of the Diamond Mountain" has already inspired many audiences in both Denmark and the US and has now been further developed.

This is followed by work-in-progress "Embracing the Root," a journey towards oneness with nature.