February 17, 2020

Colin Hinton Trio

Pete's Candy Store
709 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Colin Hinton Trio at The Variousound Sessions NYC

The Variousound Sessions: We are an experimental concert series looking to redefine, explore, and expand the definition of "chamber music" within contemporary-leaning classical music, groove-based music, improvised free music, and the third stream. Our mission is to provide a space for NYC's most creative musicians to showcase their ideas and virtuosity in an environment that fosters imagination and innovative collaboration.

The Colin Hinton Trio is a regular working group focused on spontaneous group composition. The three members (Ingrid Laubrock, Todd Neufeld and Colin Hinton) have all forged longstanding personal and musical relationships. This friendship becomes apparent through the trust presented in the music. The performance is likely to take a left turn at any given point and turn both the performers and audience members on their heads.