February 23, 2020

BMCC Composers: Composition in Diverse Styles

Theater II at Tribeca Performance Arts Center
199 Chambers St, New York, NY 10007
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This event has been selected by Composers Now to be included in its Composers Interviewing Composers Series.  The discussion will happen at 2:30 pm in advance of the performance.

The program, BMCC Composers: Compositions in Diverse Styles, will present compositions ranging in styles from computer music, to opera, to incidental music for a play. Two arias from Joyce Solomon Moorman's opera, ELEGIES FOR THE FALLEN, will be sung by Nicole Mitchell, contralto. The computer music composition, "8:45 AM," was created in Pro Tools and was Dr. Moorman's reaction to 9/11/2001. Dr. Moorman will also perform her piano solo, "Theme and 12 Variations."

Douglas Anderson, composer, conductor and educator, will present his incidental music written for a radio drama, THE KING OF JAZZ, which was broadcast nationally on NPR's The Radio Stage.

The concert is FREE.