February 1, 2019

The Female Gaze

509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
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This event has been selected by Composers Now to be included in its Composers Interviewing Composers Series.

Fresh Squeezed Opera presents The Female Gaze February 1, 2019 at Roulette (Brooklyn). Featuring the world premiere of three commissions from Whitney George, Gabrielle Herbst, and Gemma Peacocke, written for female voice, chamber ensemble and electronics.

The project, the "Female Gaze" is a feminist take on contempt of the male gaze: the creator is a woman, the characters are women, and the spectators are women. Fresh Squeezed Opera aims to put women on an equal level to men in the performance of operatic works and celebrate the unique idioms and perspective that women composers offer in their works. This project will act as a strong symbol in the new music community—a group of women coming together to create an artistic statement about the value of women in the arts.

The Female Gaze is an ongoing project curated by FSO Director and composer, Jillian Flexner. Started in 2016, FSO has performed as part of this project the World Premiere of Whitney George's The Yellow Wallpaper, the American Premiere of Nicole Murphy's The Kamikaze Mind, and has remounted Kate Soper's Here Be Sirens.