February 19, 2019

Stratus Quartet + Friends

Threes Brewing
333 Douglass St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
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Stratus Quartet is a string quartet dedicated to new music, original compositions, and improvisation. Each of Stratus' intimate performances displays a musical tapestry rich with warmth and detail. Unlike most string quartets, Stratus Quartet exclusively performs music composed or arranged by its own members.

Every element of the quartet's process is collaborative. Their rehearsals often feel like a musical workshop with members bringing in drafts of their original work for feedback from the other players. As a result, the quartet's musical landscape is in a constant state of flux and adaptation. In rehearsal, the quartet will take a preliminary musical idea at its most bare and skeletal stage, and collectively arrange it into a finished composition.

Join Stratus on Tuesday, February 19th for an evening of new music curated by the quartet. The evening will feature opening sets by violinist/multi-disciplinary artist Darian Thomas and cellist Lydia Paulos (performing a composition by Patricia Wallinga).

Works by Nathan Kamal, Darian Thomas and Patricia Wallinga.