February 24, 2019

Orchestra Amadeus presents Jones and Mozart

Fourth Universalist Society
160 Central Park W, New York, NY 10023
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Orchestra Amadeus presents two works of great emotional depth and expressiveness: one a hallowed masterwork, the other an early 21st-century work by a young American composer. The Mozart Requiem needs no introduction: one of the most beloved and legendary works in the repertoire, it is Mozart's last work, left incomplete at his death, a haunting, moving, beautiful elegy and meditation on life, death, love, and humanity.

Far less well known is the Symphony for Strings. Written while he was still a teenager, Joseph Jones' work for string orchestra is by turns elegiac, acerbic, frantic, and peaceful. The composer leads this work, along with the Mozart, in a concert for charity, the works being offered in service of humanity.