February 3, 2019

Ocelot at Spectrum

70 Flushing Ave (Garage A) Brooklyn, NY 11205
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Ocelot is a Brooklyn based Avant-Jazz trio with Yuma Uesaka (Saxophone/Clarinet), Cat Toren (Piano/Keyboard) and Colin Hinton (Drums/Percussion).

As all members of Ocelot are prolific composers and improvisers, the group's repertoire is varied and dynamic. Ocelot hones their sound with rhythmic propulsion, long lyrical melodies, soft textures, and aggressive free jazz, exploring each sound-world to its nethermost depths and transformations. The group has a synergy that brings out the confidence and trust necessary for deep musical exploration while showcasing full command of their individual instruments.

Colin Hinton: Factum
Cat Toren: Slow Loris
Cat Toren: Old Friend
Yuma Uesaka: Iteration
Colin Hinton: Thisaway
Yuma Uesak: Spring Vignette #1