February 11, 2018


Scorca Hall at National Opera Center
330 Seventh Ave (7th FL), New York, NY 10001
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Kyle Artlett, Douglas Boyce, Alan Theisen

counter)induction presents musical chiaroscuro, sights and sounds of action and stillness. Davidovsky's "Duo Capriccioso" is an intricate dialectical tango in which performers evade and embrace, kick and embrace. Kyle Bartlett's new work, 'Twitch,' moves through the discontinuous and powerful motions of the mosh pit and the boxing ring. Douglas Boyce's new Etude explores the tension of sudden stops and explosive acceleration. Stravinsky's masterwork "A Soldier's Tale' marches and dances, while Alan Theisen's "Ondes et Ombres" meditates in shadows.

Alan Theisen, "Ondes et Ombres" NEW YORK PREMIERE

Davidovsky, "Duo Capriccioso"

Boyce, Etude for Clarinet and Piano WORLD PREMIERE

Kyle Bartlett, "Twitch" WORLD PREMIERE

Stravinsky, "The Soldier's Tale"

The evening counter)induction's "power trio" of new music superstars: pianist Ning Yu, clarinetist Benjamin Fingland, and violinist Miranda Cuckson. counter)induction's mission since its inception has been straightforward: world-class performances of contemporary chamber music, without hype and without agenda other than our complete commitment to the most compelling music of our day. "With stunning virtuosity, committed, generous musicality and intellectual depth, counter)induction consistently presents brilliantly the music of our time" (Mario Davidovsky)