February 29, 2020

Lay By: a chamber cantata

Church Street School for Music and Art
41 White St, New York, NY 10013
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This event has been selected by Composers Now to be included in its Composers Interviewing Composers Series.  The discussion will happen at 5:30 pm in advance of the performance.

"Lay By" is a chamber cantata composed for the memory of Jewell Bryan Brunsvold by Edgar David Grana and with text by Pamela Brunsvold Rummel. The recording to be presented is a premiere performance to be released later this year as either a performance piece or CD. The featured singer is Kat Vokes and the ensemble is for three instruments: Bb Clarinet, James Noyes; Cello, Luke Krafka; Violin, George Meyer; under the direction of Alex Wakim. As Ms. Rummel wrote in the publication score: "Jewell Bryan Brunsvold was born October 14th, 1923 in Chester, Georgia. A warm and revealing homage to a true southerner. Jewell was a determined, brave woman who overcame all life obstacles with dignity and a love of life that is remembered by all who knew her."