Pocantico Center Residencies

"The Pocantico Center is a magical, auspicious, contemplative, joyous, and productive place to be creative. The culmination of my work with Composers Now and Asian Cultural Council has impacted on my creativity beyond my own expectations. Through their connection I collaborated with a new artist I had never met in my life and yet produced an amazing new project together."

Jin Hi Kim, 2015 Composers Now Creative Resident at the Pocantico Center

2021 Residents:

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Seong Ae Park

Seong Ae Kim is a Korean-born composer based in New York City. She has received commissions from internationally acclaimed ensembles and soloists such as Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, Amanda Gookin, Forward Music Project, Parhelion Trio, Hypercube, Ensemble Mise-en, Iktus Percussion+, Ensemble Pan, Multicultural Sonic Evolution, Josh Perry, Vasko Dukovsky, Kelley Barnett, and Jessica Kunttu, among others. Her music has been presented internationally on concert stages including Merkin Concert Hall, Opera America's National Opera Center, Herbert von Karajan Centrum (Vienna, Austria), Seoul Arts Center (Seoul, South Korea), National Olympic Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo (Japan), Alte Schmiede (Vienna, Austria), and Culture Tank Park (Seoul, South Korea) among others. 

As an advocate for social justice, she uses her creative voice, music and collaborations to address current social crises. Through these pieces, Seong Ae's goal is to encourage those who are marginalized and voiceless to stand up and to empower them to assert their basic human rights.

Another large focus of recent works spanning the past 5 years, has been a focus on amplifying self-truth. #MeToo (2018), the other untold story (2019), Percèe (2018) and Collocation (2018) are self-confessional in nature. These four pieces aim to tell her own stories of past breakthroughs and to create safe spaces to share vulnerabilities that connect us all as human beings. 

Kim holds a Ph.D. in music composition from Stony Brook University, Mdiv from Drew University and an MA and BA in both composition and conducting from University for music and performing arts in Vienna, Austria (Einstimmige Auszeichnung - unanimous distinction).

Get to Know the Composer!
SIDE-BLOW for solo percussion improviser (2021)
Josh Perry, percussion
We are here (2021)

Andre Veloux

Andre Veloux's artworks explore gender, women's rights and consent issues using the medium of Lego bricks. His mission is to take his art to live audiences who can interact intimately with the artwork and with other members of the audience. His "Pause" live art event in collaboration with Princeton University took place in February 2019, and student campuses will remain an important target audience for Andre going forward. Veloux's works include 2 dimensional striated and soft-palette imagery with subtle messaging, alongside 3-dimensional portrait works and series such as "Freedom Without Judgment''. The latter references pop art, depicting bold images built from pixels and leverages the 3-dimensional opportunity coming from the medium. These bold images comment on beauty, fashion choices, and societal pressures inflicted on young women.

Andre also coined the term "Anti-portrait" to label a series of female figures depicted showing their backs, emphasizing their vulnerability to 'the male gaze'.

He has shown at SCOPE Miami, been represented at Krause Gallery, New York, New York since 2016, and Parlor Gallery in New Jersey since being chosen by Jonathan Levine for their 2014 Juried Show. Andre created a podcast "Velouminous" to spotlight women he has personally connected with and been inspired by during his art career, in order to bring their voices to a wider audience.  Veloux's work has been featured on Insider Art, Vice, Aspire Design and Home Magazine, Quiet Lunch, Blended NYC, Curated by Girls, The Tax Collection, WideWalls, Little Things TV and many others. He was the first artist in residence at Princeton Public Library in 2018, and was also awarded a 2-week artist residency at Bethany Arts Community in Ossining, NY in 2021.

Get to Know the Artist!
Selected Works
Collaboration with SHARE
(Sexual Harrassment/Assault Advising Resource and Education)
Office of Princeton University, 2019

2018 Residents:

Pascal Le Boeufcomposer, pianist and producer
Chen Yu-An, singer-songwriter and actor.

2017 Residents:

Erica Lindsay, composer, performer, teacher and arranger
Wangjia Zhaxi, dancer, choreographer and educator

Žibuoklė Martinaitytė, composer
Ami Yamasaki, vocalist and cross-media artist

2016 Residents:

Sasha Zamler-Carhart, composer, singer and early music scholar
Thanh Phuong Ngo, choreographer
Watch their video here.

Tonia Ko, composer
Yasuno Miyauchi, composer
Watch their video here

2015 Residents:

Jin Hi Kim, composer and komungo player
Ji Chao, librettist

Peter Van Zandt Lane, composer
Kate Ladenheim, choreographer

2014 Residents:

Mari Kimura, composer, violinist and researcher
Ms. Kimura created the interactive audio/video work Breuer Vivant during her residency.

Aruán Ortiz, composer, pianist and violist

Pocantico Center

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