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Read what composers are saying about Composers Now:

"Late in 2015, we lost a significant leader/hero/advocate for our composer community - John Duffy. John founded the important organization 'Meet the Composer' which, among other things, managed to elevate the dignity of living composers by not only placing them in major orchestras around the country, but by also having them get paid for being presented by different organizations of all sizes and styles in every state.

Now we have COMPOSERS NOW - a new presenting organization that is offering the same diversity of living composers and ensembles, an organization founded by composer Tania León. It is a welcome addition to our community, and I wish Tania - an 'uncommon woman' indeed - and her team much success in helping living composers continue to gain the dignity that John Duffy sought for them many years ago."

- Joan Tower, Grammy award-winning composer, pianist and conductor

Dr. Muhal Richard Abrams

"As a composer, I am encouraged and additionally energized by the great advocacy work of Composers Now regarding the activities of living American composers. I sincerely hope that the work of this  very important organization continues for many years to come."
- Dr. Muhal Richard Abrams, composer/pianist, founder of Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM)



"Composers Now, with its annual Festival each February and innovative programs including multi-disciplinary Creative Residencies and Dialogues series, is singular in its embrace of all composers and genres. This makes it a unifying force for new music and vitally important not only to the City of New York, but to the world of new music at large." - Nkeiru Okoye, composer

Randall Woolf


"America has a complex and scattered universe of new music composers and performers. It's almost impossible to keep track of it all! Composers Now is a much needed center for this universe, creating a single place where any kind of adventurous music can find a home." - Randall Woolf, composer


Jason Moran

"Thank the heavens that Composers Now exists. Tania León has taken her torch out into the forest and has gathered the tribe. And we are a mighty tribe with a wealth of stories to share. These narratives are vital and Composers Now ensures us that the gathering around the campfire will bring the warmth, the light, and the sound." - Jason Moran, composer/pianist, MacArthur Grant recipient



"It is wonderful that this great City of New York is enriched by the Composers Now Festival. The City and the Festival share a broad view, embracing diversity, and I am honored that my opera, Las Cartas de Frida (The Letters of Frida), is featured."
- Marcela Rodríguez, composer



Fred Hersch
"Composers Now is a tireless advocate for the new music of our time - in all styles and genres. They are making it easier for composers to get necessary support and resources - and are working tirelessly to create new opportunities for performances, commissions and residencies. Though they are a new organization, they have already established themselves on the New Music and jazz scenes and are playing a valuable role for presenters and composers alike. Bravo!"
- Fred Hersch, Grammy nominated composer/pianist

"Too little goes to the men and women (and sometimes children) who create from nothing more than their intellect and passion, the very sounds that make our lives so worthy and satisfying. Composers Now seeks to address this. Long live Composers Now!"
- Arturo O'Farrill


"Whenever we attend a concert we have the chance to enjoy the music and talents of the performers, but we rarely have the occasion to meet the composers. The Composers Now Festival gives audiences so many wonderful opportunities to interact with those who have written the music, and in turn gives the composers a stage to showcase their work in unique settings." - Amparo Fabra Crespo, composer


"How exciting it is for me to see living composers celebrated everywhere and for my music to be featured! The Composers Now Festival and the Keyed Up Music Project come together in February 2014 and how right that they do. Both are about uniting composers, performers and the public for meaningful performances and conversations." - David Del Tredici, composer



"The Composers Now Festival is wonderful, not only because it offers composers the gift of visibility (always that elusive piece for almost all creative artists), but also because it creates a de facto community of composers that is about to set the air humming. How warming is that?! I feel fortunate that I on electronic keyboard will be part of a duo, with co-writer Danish singer Lotte Arnsbjerg. Let's all go Viral!" - Carman Moore, composer

 "I've noticed there's an almost insatiable hunger for fresh new sounds. Making them and the composers who create them accessible through cool festivals like Composers Now is invaluable to the community." - Angélica Negron, composer


"The Composers Now Festival is a wonderful celebration of new music. As a composer and the artistic director of Las Américas en Concierto, it is a privilege to participate in their endeavors. For many composers and performers this is an event to look forward to as a source of stimulation and creativity. The Festival is a unique opportunity to hear a diversity and richness of genres in many venues throughout the city this month."
- Alba Potes, composer


Erin_Rogers"As part of the Composers Now Festival, my chamber groups thingNY and New Thread Saxophone Quartet performed a multi-billed concert last February at JACK in Brooklyn. Our packed house heard over a dozen works by New York composers that evening - a big success and a lot of fun. Look for more from us this year!" - Erin Rogers, composer


"Having a festival like Composers Now in New York City creates a unique opportunity to glimpse the richness and breadth of musical thought coming out of this city.  Unlike any other place I know of, New York City is teeming with composers and performers exploring all imaginable areas of new music.  The Festival puts a spotlight on this unique musical diversity and the high quality of musical activity here." - Neil Rolnick, composer


"As composers, we are living in a very interesting time in New York. I don't recall a more fertile landscape for new music in terms of venues and opportunities for performance. What's so fantastic about Composers Now is that they put it all together by showcasing composers being performed all over the City. It's kind of brilliant."
- Eleonor Sandresky. composer

"Composers as creative forces are at the epicenter of big changes within every generation. This is the mission and focus of the Composers Now Festival by giving the opportunity to young composers to express themselves in the language of Music.  I was fascinated with the amount of new works presented at the Festival."
- Yosvany Terry, composer


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