Concrete Timbre Presents Salon 3: Work

Saturday, February 20, 2016, at 8:00 pm

This is an archived event, not part of the current festival.

The Drawing Room
56 Willoughby St.
Brooklyn, NY


The Theme is Work! Or is that: Labor? Equality? Toil? Opportunity? Genius?

"Work" is the first of an eight-concert series of new music, sound, words and images organized by Concrete Timbre. The concert features artists wanting to develop their art by working outside their comfort zone to create challenging new compositions, all in an intimate setting.


Whitney George - Stained Glass Movement 3
Tom Blatt - Solo Flute
Elizaveta Sanicheva - 3 Short Flute Solos: Destinations Lointaines, Insect, Leggierissimo
Bracha Bdil - 3 Monologues for Solo Flute: Wondering, Mischievous, Pastoral
David Meadow - Slap on the Victrola and Get This Mother Done
Gisela Paterno - Recuerdos de San Telmo
Whitney George - V is for
Caterina Di Cecca - Filigrane Scarlatte
Greg Bartholomew - Seabiscuit's Run
Gene Pritsker - Just Make It, Babe, Make It
Braca Bdil
- To Gather Alone 
Elizaveta Sanicheva
- Actions
Luca Vanneschi - Canti di lavoro
Darold Cuba - And We Still Wait
Cely Riva
- Soon
Ann Warren - And they say that art exists as a thing in itself!

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