Anagram: Patrick Stadler and Geoffrey Landman

Saturday, February 20, 2016, at 8:00 pm

This is an archived event, not part of the current festival.

The Firehouse Space
246 Frost St.
Brooklyn, NY


The Stadler-Landman saxophone duo was formed to have a unique voice among the growing field of sax duos. Both dedicated interpreters of new music, Basel-based Patrick Stadler and NYC-based Geoffrey Landman met while in school at the Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel.

Dieter Ammann - d'accord(s) for two saxophone (2004)
Nadir Vassena - Animae for soprano saxophone (1995)
Mauro Hertig - Saxophon-Duo for alto and baritone saxophone (2016)
Matias Far - El poeta/en 7 letras, una de ellas releida for two alto saxophones (2012-2013) (US premiere)
Gary Berger - Link for alto saxophone and live-electronics (1998)
Paul Clift - Duet/Anagram (2015) written for Landman/Stadler saxophone duo (US premiere)
Stadler-Landman Saxophone Duo Paul Clift Composer

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