Composers Now Festival 2017 Staten Island

Thursday, February 23, 2017, at 2:30 pm

This is an archived event, not part of the current festival.

Williamson Theatre

2800 Victory Blvd. Building 1P

Staten Island, NY


The CN concert at the College of Staten Island will feature CSI faculty performers:        Dr. David Keberle, clarinet; Dr. Sylvia Kahan, piano, Dr. Dan Auerbach, violin.

CSI faculty compositions: Dr. William R. Bauer's Stone by Stone, for violin and piano; Dr. David Keberle's Dialogue Revisited, for violin and clarinet and SLICE, for solo violin.

Also, Johnny Reinhard's Branches of a Trio, with CSI students and Dr. Auerbach; Grigory Smirnov's Air, for violin and piano and Credo and Elegy, for solo piano; a new work for solo piano by Steve Cohen.

David Homan's The Book of Esther, with Ariel Rivka Dance; Drs. Auerbach, Kahan, Keberle, Prof. Edward Brown, guitars; Peter Lewy, cello.

Grigory Smirnov William BauerAriel Rivka Dance David Keberle

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