Dialogues 6

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Composers Now presents its sixth Dialogues, hosted by Composers Now Founder/Artistic Director Tania León. This series opens with inspiring performances followed by thought-provoking town hall-style conversations, a forum for meaningful exchanges of ideas between composers, performers and audiences.  The event will be safely streamed to the comfort of your living room.

The performances will be followed by a discussion among composers, performers and audience.


JOHN KING (b. 1953) - Centripetal Light (2020)
     String Noise, violin duo

NICOLE MITCHELL (b. 1967) Interdimensional Interplay (2016)
Cory Smythe, piano
     Nicole Mitchell, pre-recorded flute

ANDREIA PINTO CORREIA (b. 1971) - Cadernos (2009)
     George Nickson, vibraphone

DIALOGUE - composers, performers and audience 



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