(Shankar) and MOPDTK

Monday, February 19, 2018, at 8:30 pm

This is an archived event, not part of the current festival.

Threes Brewing Co.

333 Douglass St
Brooklyn, NY 11217


Threes Brewing

Matt Holman, trumpet
Jonathan Goldberger, guitar
Santiago Leibson, piano
Rob Jost, bass
Brian Adler, drums

(Shankar) builds surreal musical landscapes and structures out of textless mantras, disintegrating drones and mind-bending polyrhythms. The group will debut some new works at this performance.

Ron Stabinsky, piano
Moppa Elliott, bass
Kevin Shea, drums

Mostly Other People Do the Killing formed in 2003 and have won numerous polls, awards, and accolades. Their music is fun, energetic, swinging, and exciting!

Brian Adler Moppa Elliott
Brian Adler Moppa Elliott

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