The Rubin Museum of Art: The Now of Deep Listening

Saturday, February 21, 2015, at 6:00 pm

This is an archived event, not part of the current festival.

The Rubin Museum of Art
150 West 17th Street
Manhattan, NY


A towering figure in the development of experimental and post-war electronic art music, composer Pauline Oliveros explores the origin of sound with neuroscientist Seth Horowitz as part of the 8th annual Brainwave: The Attachment Trap at the Rubin Museum of Art.
The "attachment trap" is a metaphor for a core Buddhist principle: by holding tightly to external sources of happiness, we prevent ourselves from being truly free. This "trap" is the subject of this year's series of on-stage conversations, films and experiences.
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Composer's Photograph

Pauline Oliveros

Scholar's Photograph

Seth S. Horowitz, Ph.D.

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