Composers Now Festival 2017 Staten Island

Thursday, February 23, at 2:30 pm

Williamson Theatre

2800 Victory Blvd. Building 1P

Staten Island, NY


The CN concert at the College of Staten Island will feature CSI faculty performers:        Dr. David Keberle, clarinet; Dr. Sylvia Kahan, piano, Dr. Dan Auerbach, violin.

CSI faculty compositions: Dr. William R. Bauer's Stone by Stone, for violin and piano; Dr. David Keberle's Dialogue Revisited, for violin and clarinet and SLICE, for solo violin.

Also, Johnny Reinhard's Branches of a Trio, with CSI students and Dr. Auerbach; Grigory Smirnov's Air, for violin and piano and Credo and Elegy, for solo piano; a new work for solo piano by Steve Cohen.

David Homan's The Book of Esther, with Ariel Rivka Dance; Drs. Auerbach, Kahan, Keberle, Prof. Edward Brown, guitars; Peter Lewy, cello.

Grigory Smirnov William BauerAriel Rivka Dance David Keberle

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